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  revol-xut 41f3698ed3 Revert "flake clean up" 11 months ago
  revol-xut 7909adf8d8
found fix 11 months ago
  revol-xut 7fe65d34fa
reverted to old 11 months ago
  revol-xut 2f5c47bb92
testing 11 months ago
  revol-xut bf38eecf6b
fixed build 11 months ago
  revol-xut 4274b14ee4
testing default command zsh 11 months ago
  revol-xut a4240a422b
flake clean up 11 months ago
  revol-xut ae435f6fab
fixed flake.nix 11 months ago
  revol-xut 6a8e039163
added flake.nix overlay 11 months ago
  revol-xut 15fe32af59
increased font size for dwmblocks 11 months ago
  revol-xut 55bfaa4147
changed color of dmenu 11 months ago
  revol-xut 8063abde4f
reduced gap size 11 months ago
  revol-xut 2830718c7f
reduced font size 11 months ago
  revol-xut d13900c711
new colors and smaller font 11 months ago
  revol-xut 8c8219a7d8 finally fixed that stupid typo 1 year ago
  revol-xut 147d39923c formatted config.def.h 1 year ago
  revol-xut 77b729a866 changed key 1 year ago
  revol-xut b716c4fb33 testing 1 year ago
  revol-xut 7c101856e2 kill dwmblocks 1 year ago
  revol-xut 141d1cb274 plazing around with sound macros 1 year ago
  revol-xut 61457447e8 added xsecurelock 1 year ago
  revol-xut 47af66ab74 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.tassilo-tanneberger.de/revol-xut/dwm 1 year ago
  revol-xut 6f0cdf824b shortcut for networkmanager 1 year ago
  revol-xut 7efa05daf4 added keybindings to readme 1 year ago
  revol-xut 54c9867665 hopefully final iteration 1 year ago
  revol-xut 7b9c489064 static colour 1 year ago
  revol-xut 16a0d4b456 colors for dmeu_run 1 year ago
  revol-xut acdcac9513 uniform gaps 1 year ago
  revol-xut 9fc6a48dbf changed gap size 1 year ago
  revol-xut ba22863a8b my stupidity 1 year ago
  revol-xut 8702f10f2b attempt bug fix tile 1 year ago
  revol-xut b5219ac25a shutdown and reboot binding 1 year ago
  revol-xut 30b22017f3 removed picom from statup 1 year ago
  revol-xut aa7a2c4cce changed colorscheme 1 year ago
  revol-xut 2e80d7455b config.def.h 1 year ago
  revol-xut 33154cd004 test 1 year ago
  revol-xut 2a1d667d3f typo 1 year ago
  revol-xut 8354f87baf changed some colors 1 year ago
  revol-xut a23ae6521a added lxcb-res 1 year ago
  revol-xut f3fc078134 testing makefile 1 year ago
  revol-xut d9d9a86f19 fixed makefile 1 year ago
  revol-xut 9905375aa9 added my config unoptimized 1 year ago
  revol-xut b7f4a21244 Revert "Prepare 6.2 release." 1 year ago
  Hiltjo Posthuma a786211d6c Revert "Improve speed of drw_text when provided with large strings" 1 year ago
  Miles Alan 716233534b Improve speed of drw_text when provided with large strings 1 year ago
  Quentin Rameau 138b405f0c Add a configuration option for fullscreen locking 1 year ago
  Chris Down 67d76bdc68 Do not allow focus to drift from fullscreen client via focusstack() 2 years ago
  Ian Remmler 61bb8b2241 Fix x coordinate calculation in buttonpress. 2 years ago
  Hiltjo Posthuma bb2e7222ba dwm.1: fix wrong text in man page 2 years ago
  Alex Flierl f04cac6d6e Fix memory leaks in drw 2 years ago